6 Reasons Every Busy Mom Deserves a Back-to-School Self-Care Bouquet

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It's that time of year again. Alarm clocks buzz earlier, packed lunches become daily masterpieces, and homework time? Well, it's back with all its glory. As the air fills with the scents of newly sharpened pencils and fresh textbooks, our super moms get even busier, juggling the new school routine while ensuring everything at home runs seamlessly. In the midst of this back-to-school whirlwind, there's something that can bring a refreshing, fragrant pause to a mom’s bustling day: a back-to-school flower subscription.

But what exactly is a back-to-school flower subscription? Simply put, it's a curated selection of fresh bouquets delivered to your doorstep, bringing nature's beauty right into the heart of your home. Perfectly timed, it’s designed to punctuate the school-year chaos with moments of tranquillity.

Now, why might this be the self-care tool every busy mom didn't know she needed?

  1. A Gift She Deserves: Moms are phenomenal at showering their loved ones with gifts. But how often does mom gift something to herself? This subscription is a monthly reminder for her to pause, breathe, and revel in life's simple joys.

  2. Floral Bath: End your busy day by drawing a warm bath and sprinkling flower petals on the water. Not only is this visually stunning, but the aromatic embrace of the flowers can alleviate stress and anxiety. Immersing oneself in this floral bath can boost mood, offering a much-needed oasis of tranquility amidst chaos.

  3. Meditative MomentsHave you considered meditating with the uplifting scent of flowers enveloping you? Flowers not only offer visual beauty but can also enhance concentration and mindfulness. Their aroma can boost serotonin levels, aiding in calming the mind and reducing feelings of depression.                                                                                                        

  4. Enriching Hobbies: While indulging in a favorite hobby like reading,knitting, painting, or journaling, a vase of fresh flowers on the center table adds to the mood. The presence of flowers has been linked to heightened feelings of happiness and decreased levels of stress, making every moment of personal time a relaxing mental escape.

  5. Finishing Touch to DécorEvery home feels more inviting with nature's colors and fragrances. Incorporating fresh bouquets as décor has been found to decrease feelings of fatigue and improve overall mood, transforming living spaces into sanctuaries of positivity and relaxation. Who will never smile seeing a colorful vase of blooms beautifully arranged and matched with the interior designs?

  6. The Tea Time TranquilityTaking a tea break? Combining it with the visual and olfactory delight of fresh flowers can amplify the calming effects of tea, enhancing relaxation and reducing mental fatigue. Such moments of mindfulness, even if brief, can act as mental health resets, grounding and re-energizing you for the tasks ahead.

Amidst the daily shuffle of school drop-offs, soccer practices, and bedtime stories, it’s crucial for every mom to remember herself. A bouquet isn’t just a collection of flowers; it’s a reminder. A reminder that while she's pouring love into every task and every family member, she too needs to be filled with love and care. Because when a mom's heart brims with joy and serenity, it effortlessly trickles down to her family. Moms, you aren’t just deserving of this love, you’re worthy of it.

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